My beautiful henna crown made all the difference

While we made the hair loss and shave experience fun and memorable, I was still worried about actually going out into the real world while bald. I knew if I didn’t do it early on, I may never have the courage to do it, and I wanted to try to be comfortable in my ownContinue reading “My beautiful henna crown made all the difference”

How to make shaving your head more fun

I decided to embrace my hair loss as much as I could, instead of fighting it, so I shaved my head after my second chemo session. If you’re keeping track, that’s the day after my first date with Ilan and just after I started noticing hair loss. Taking intentional action definitely made me feel likeContinue reading “How to make shaving your head more fun”

When your hair falls out on a first date

It was just a week and a half after my first chemo treatment when my hair started falling out. I knew it would happen around then, but it’s hard to prepare for. It was Saturday, August 20, 2016, a date that I’ll never forget. I was relaxing with two friends by the pool and itContinue reading “When your hair falls out on a first date”