Changing careers can be scary: my fear of failure

While I have no reason to truly believe that I won’t accomplish my fitness-related career goals, I am definitely still afraid of failing. It’s why I didn’t, up until recently, tell many people that I wanted to become a personal trainer. I have this underlying fear that somehow it won’t work out, even though I’mContinue reading “Changing careers can be scary: my fear of failure”

When you listen to your mind and body, change happens!

My education and career thus far has focused on service to others, with an emphasis on public health. I spent the early part of my twenties doing service programs, which means I chose stipend-based work in the field rather than an actual paying career-level job. I preferred it that way, as I wasn’t particularly moneyContinue reading “When you listen to your mind and body, change happens!”

The gym that changed my life… and career path

I hit the jackpot when I happened to see a sign for Alloy Personal Training in a shopping center near my house. It came at the perfect time when I was prioritizing my health and my husband had been wanting a personal trainer for a while. It was a new gym coming to my city,Continue reading “The gym that changed my life… and career path”

Noom: psychology changed my relationship with food

I knew that for me, making food-related changes was as much a mental challenge as it was physical, so I subscribed to Noom. Noom is a behavior change program focused on sustainable healthy eating and weight loss. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen their ads all over social media. Let me start byContinue reading “Noom: psychology changed my relationship with food”

When challenges arise, you can pivot!

We found out our first embryo transfer failed just before Thanksgiving. We were so confident it would work that we booked flights to see both our families, in hopes that we could tell them we’re pregnant in person, so it was quite the let down. There was always a chance it wouldn’t work, but theContinue reading “When challenges arise, you can pivot!”

Transfer, waiting and results… oh my!

The week leading up to our first embryo transfer was filled with excitement and stress, the latter of which is not ideal. Everyone tells you to reduce stress before a transfer, which makes feeling stressed all the more anxiety-producing. Let me explain. We were excited about our transfer and, quite honestly, very hopeful that itContinue reading “Transfer, waiting and results… oh my!”

It’s a long road to embryo transfer

The process leading up to an embryo transfer is different from that leading up to an egg retrieval. There is far less monitoring (yay for flexibility) and there are different medications to take. Our fourth retrieval was in September and we had two trips planned during October, so we weren’t sure if we’d have toContinue reading “It’s a long road to embryo transfer”

Going with the flow: the process continues

After only getting 1 potentially viable embryo from our first round of IVF, and talking with our doctor, we decided the best thing to do would be to do another retrieval in the hopes that we could get more potentially viable embryos. Since my fertility will continue to decline as time goes on, we didn’tContinue reading “Going with the flow: the process continues”