Helpful products during breast cancer

I wanted to share a few things that helped me personally during my cancer treatment. For Chemo Fuzzy socks with grippers Blanket Eye mask For Hot Flashes Ice packs/trusty bag of frozen peas Icy cool towel or something similar Oscillating fan For Nausea/Vomiting Angel Mints  Peppermint Tea Queasy Drops/Pops Anything ginger (unfortunately, I hate gingerContinue reading “Helpful products during breast cancer”

A quick rundown of my side effects

For anyone about to go through a similar treatment plan, here are the side effects I experienced. I recommend being transparent with your doctors as they may be able to help with some of them. A/C Chemo Fatigue Nausea/Vomiting – Zofran didn’t help me so they switched me to a steroid for a few daysContinue reading “A quick rundown of my side effects”

Radiation: A burn that doesn’t tan

On February 27th, 2017, nearly four weeks after surgery, I began radiation treatment. Radiation was strange in that it was every day, 5 days a week, for 6.5 weeks – 33 treatments to be exact, but it only took about 5 minutes for the actual procedure each time. I spent more time changing clothes andContinue reading “Radiation: A burn that doesn’t tan”

It’s surgery time

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 was the day that I had my surgery. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy (removal of the tissue where the tumor was), axillary sentinel node biopsy (removal of the first few lymph nodes in the armpit where the cancer originally spread to see if there were any residual cancer cells), andContinue reading “It’s surgery time”

Saying ‘stay positive’ can do more harm than good

Stay Positive. Those two little words have more meaning than I would ever have anticipated. The comments started before I was ready, honestly. Part of that was my own fault for being transparent with my diagnosis early on and part of it was simply how our society generally responds to negative situations. Always find theContinue reading “Saying ‘stay positive’ can do more harm than good”

My own Sophie’s choice: lumpectomy or mastectomy?

Shortly after I turned 26 years old, I was faced with the decision of which surgery to get for my breast cancer treatment. My options were a lumpectomy, single mastectomy or double mastectomy.  A lumpectomy is where they remove the tumor or tissue where the tumor used to be (if chemo was used first andContinue reading “My own Sophie’s choice: lumpectomy or mastectomy?”

Accepting help can be difficult

I’ve always been more of a giver than a receiver. It’s been a huge part of my identity and one of the ways I feel most fulfilled and purposeful in this world. Cancer really flipped the script for me. Not only did I need to rely on my mom financially, since I had been volunteeringContinue reading “Accepting help can be difficult”

My beautiful henna crown made all the difference

While we made the hair loss and shave experience fun and memorable, I was still worried about actually going out into the real world while bald. I knew if I didn’t do it early on, I may never have the courage to do it, and I wanted to try to be comfortable in my ownContinue reading “My beautiful henna crown made all the difference”