The cliché is true: it gets better

I’ve written about some heavy feelings in previous posts and I wanted to follow up with how things are going now, in real-time, because we’re all caught up and my story doesn’t end there.  I struggle with depression but talk therapy and medication have both helped tremendously. I’ve found that having an objective person toContinue reading “The cliché is true: it gets better”

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!

July, 14, 2021. I’m not usually a big celebratory person but reaching 5 years since diagnosis really is a huge milestone! Triple-negative breast cancer grows and spreads faster, has limited treatment options and a worse prognosis than other types of breast cancer. Making it to the 5-year survival point is amazing and certainly wasn’t aContinue reading “I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!”

I tried to move on but a fear of recurrence lingered

Before treatment ended, I remember being so confident that my life was about to go back to normal and I wouldn’t be the type of person who worried about recurrence. Well, I quickly learned that neither of those things were true. There was no returning to my previous version of normal, just this ‘new normal’Continue reading “I tried to move on but a fear of recurrence lingered”

I never imagined I would have passive suicidal ideations

After a few months of talk therapy, I still struggled with crying, frustration, constantly feeling overwhelmed and a strong desire to control things around me. I knew what it was like for everything in my life to change in a heartbeat so that created a need for stability and control. I’m not saying it’s theContinue reading “I never imagined I would have passive suicidal ideations”

Depression after cancer was an unexpected struggle

I’m not quite sure where to start with this post but here we go! Prior to cancer, I never really struggled with my mental health. I was lucky. And quite frankly, naive. I definitely miss those days. My cancer diagnosis itself didn’t trigger any mental health issues. Surprisingly, I handled it quite well. I keptContinue reading “Depression after cancer was an unexpected struggle”

4 tips for a successful long-distance relationship

Ilan and I knew that we would likely have to be long-distance for a chunk of time after cancer treatment, because many jobs in the public health and international development fields are in places like DC, NYC and Boston. Cancer fast-tracked my carefree international lifestyle into a more stable and serious lifestyle. But when theContinue reading “4 tips for a successful long-distance relationship”

Leaving cancer behind and moving to DC!

My last radiation treatment was Wednesday, April 12th and my job interview in Silver Spring was on April 18th. I had very short hair and was burned from radiation but I decided to jump at the opportunity to get my life going again immediately after treatment ended.  I decided to apply for this job, whichContinue reading “Leaving cancer behind and moving to DC!”