Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a little more about me…

I spent the first half of my twenties earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees and completing service programs in Israel, the US and Rwanda. While I was living in Rwanda at the age of 25, I was (sort of) diagnosed with breast cancer and my life changed forever. I moved back to Florida with my mom for treatment and met my husband, Ilan, nearly two weeks after my first chemo.

Our love story began during a pivotal time in my life and it’s been a wild ride ever since. We successfully navigated long-distance, moved in together in DC, got our puppy Ivy, overcame mental health struggles, moved to North Carolina, bought a house, got married, went through multiple rounds of IVF and our daughter was born in November 2022! We’ve also navigated my transition to prioritize my own health and become a personal trainer. Our lives are ever-changing and there are plenty of challenges but we keep moving forward.

There were many times over the past 5+ years when someone else’s story helped me, so I’m hoping that by finally putting my story out there, I can help others too. I’ve chosen to write specifically about breast cancer, fertility, and health and fitness but you’ll definitely hear about other aspects of my life throughout. And as much as I love sweets, I won’t sugarcoat anything here. Every story is different but the similarities make us feel less alone.

Still rising,