Pregnancy: Finding my groove

Well, it’s been about a month since my last pregnancy update and a month sure does make a difference! I feel like I’ve finally found my groove in pregnancy, at least for a little while. The past month has been filled with work (personal training is going well!), spending time with loved ones, weekend trips, baby preparation, and of course, gestational diabetes management.

Boat day – 27 weeks!

It’s been a whirlwind with a chaotic schedule that made it a bit difficult for diet consistency as it relates to gestational diabetes. I had a heart-to-heart with my diabetes nurse about my struggles mentioned in my previous post, and she assured me that I’m managing my levels really well and I do not need to worry right now but just keep doing what I’m doing. She reminded me that my mental health is really important and she’ll let me know if I need to adjust anything, which felt like a bit of a relief. Sometimes I really need that type of objective assurance and guidance, which is probably one of the reasons I love therapy too!

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel guilty with every elevated reading, especially with the restaurant meals I’ve had over the past month during travel and social activities, but until she tells me otherwise, I’m just going to trust her that I’m doing alright. Or at least I’ll try. Plus I’ve finished the last of my travels until the baby comes (as far as I know), so that will help my consistency tremendously.

As far as the rest of pregnancy goes right now, I’m feeling great! I have the normal aches and pains and fatigue but no swelling yet, my blood pressure is great, and I haven’t gained any weight, which blows my mind because I’m definitely getting bigger! I know the lack of weight gain isn’t normal but because I had 17 weeks of nausea and then had to start the gestational diabetes diet just 2 weeks later, I didn’t really have the opportunity to eat like a normal pregnant person and put on weight. The doctors assure me that it’s completely fine as long as my diabetes numbers are controlled – so we’re good! We also had another ultrasound last week at 28 weeks and the baby is measuring perfectly!! As of last week, they weigh 2lbs 10oz and are in the 50th percentile – so that was additional reassurance for me!

Hi Baby!

While the medical aspects of pregnancy tend to take the lead in my life, and in these posts, there are some non-medical aspects worth sharing too. The best part of pregnancy so far has been feeling the baby move! It’s honestly been the only part I’ve actually really enjoyed thus far and I’m relishing in it now. Baby can move, kick and punch me all they want because it’s a regular reminder of why I’m doing everything I can to keep us both healthy. It’s also just a wildly unique feeling that never gets old (or at least hasn’t yet). I wish everyone could feel what it’s like to have a baby move inside them… it’s surreal.

I’d say the strangest part of this pregnancy to me is my lack of weight gain and that I’m carrying all in the front – to the point where we took photos last week when I tried on a black bathing suit because you couldn’t really tell I was pregnant until I turned to the side. I’m definitely not complaining about that but it’s bizarre nonetheless!

Now that we’ve reached the 3rd trimester, I have an OB appointment every 2 weeks and one more ultrasound at 34 weeks because of gestational diabetes. I’m very grateful for the additional monitoring that happens at this point though because it gives me a bit more peace of mind. Although I know my physical discomfort will likely increase over the coming weeks, and my diabetes will continue to ebb and flow, I am so excited to be in the final phase of pregnancy and getting that much closer to meeting our little one! 

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