We can do hard things!

Many aspects of life are hard; it’s just a fact. It’s something that I think everyone learns at different times in their life. We’re not here to compare or judge our hardships. My hard is hard, period. Your hard is hard, period.

Maybe in times of hardship we try to take an easier path, that of less resistance, because we’re exhausted or scared of change. Maybe we push ourselves to choose a hard path because deep down we know it’s best for us. Likely we choose a bit of both throughout our lifetime and sometimes we don’t have a choice at all.

I certainly did not choose cancer and cancer was hard. Cancer survivorship is harder. I did not choose fertility challenges and that is hard. None of us chose this pandemic and wow, this pandemic has been HARD. Life throws us hardships and we do not always have a choice in the matter. We do, however, have a choice in how we react to these hardships. 

I want you to know that you can do hard things. This is something that I often have to remind myself of. You do not always need to stay positive in times of hardship. You can have minutes, hours, days of struggle, self-doubt, sadness, anger and much more. But, please, don’t stay there forever. I know it’s hard. Really hard. But you can do hard things, I promise. 

Listen to your mind and body and honor what they need. Ask for help when you need it. Rest when you need it. Challenge yourself to grow and change when you’re able to. It won’t happen overnight and it will be hard work, but it will also be worth it! Trust in the process, reflect on your progress, celebrate your successes and keep pushing forward. We got this!

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