The gym that changed my life… and career path

I hit the jackpot when I happened to see a sign for Alloy Personal Training in a shopping center near my house. It came at the perfect time when I was prioritizing my health and my husband had been wanting a personal trainer for a while. It was a new gym coming to my city, although they had locations elsewhere, and wouldn’t be open until August. It was June when we signed up, so clearly we thought it was worth the wait!

Alloy personal training is a gym that solely focuses on small group personal training. They have monthly memberships where you can pay for 4, 8 or 12 sessions per month and you can cancel at any time. Sessions roll over into the following month if you’re unable to use them and scheduling sessions through the app is very simple. They also do a fitness assessment prior to starting so they can learn about your history with exercise, health issues, current fitness capabilities and more.

On August 2nd, their opening day here, I went to my first session. Before the session started, I was able to use the InBody machine to take all my body fat and muscle percentages for tracking purposes and that’s been a helpful tool ever since. I had never done any type of personal training before so I had no idea what to expect. 

Alloy provides 1-hour sessions with a full body workout that is pre-planned but modified based on your individual needs. I’d estimate that I’ve never had more than 8 people in my group at any given time, so the trainers are able to give individual feedback quite easily. The exercises are mainly strength-based and they always emphasize proper form and safety.

Within a few weeks, the gym began to feel like my happy place, which was beyond surprising to me. I’ve never loved the gym. I usually just tolerated it, knowing how good it is for me but always having to push myself to go. Instead, I found myself excited to go. I started off with twice per week and then went up to 3x per week because I enjoyed it so much. I went consistently, at the same time of day, with many of the same people and it started to feel like a little community. 

I’d even get there a few minutes early just to chat with my gym friends before the workout and quite a few times I’d stay after talking with someone for 30 minutes or more. The community formed organically and while we’re all different ages and come from many different walks of life, we all support and encourage one another.

Quite honestly, the small, family feel of this particular gym is what won me over. I know the trainers and management relatively well now, I know the members who attend the same sessions as me and I feel completely comfortable working out there. There is no judgment, just encouragement and fun! Sessions are filled with music, singing/dancing/talking in between sets and supporting each other during the workouts. 

I love the environment so much that I actually decided to get my personal training certification because of my experience there. If that’s not a testament to Alloy and the enjoyment in small group personal training, I don’t know what is!

*This is not an advertisement and the representation of Alloy Personal Training here is my own opinion.

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