A quick rundown of my side effects

For anyone about to go through a similar treatment plan, here are the side effects I experienced. I recommend being transparent with your doctors as they may be able to help with some of them.

A/C Chemo

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea/Vomiting – Zofran didn’t help me so they switched me to a steroid for a few days before each chemo
  • Hair loss – right before the 2-week mark and my second chemo treatment. No hair left behind.
  • Mouth Sores – not many and they resolved on their own
  • Menopause – chemo-induced or from my ovarian suppressant Zoladex, I’m not sure which
  • Hot Flashes – these are no joke and are quite miserable but pass in just a few minutes each time. I kept a frozen bag of peas at my house and one at my boyfriend ‘s (now husband) that were specifically my hot flash peas. I’d place the bag on top of my head, neck and/or chest for the quickest relief. I also slept with a fan directly on me every night.


  • Bone pain – felt like a severe pulsing in my bones and every single movement hurt. I usually just sat in the recliner and didn’t move when it was really bad. It usually only lasted 1-2 days after each injection though.


  • Fatigue
  • Aches
  • Neuropathy – only toward the end, minimal, and resolved itself shortly after chemo ended
  • Hand rash – rash from the wrist to the fingers. This is not typical and I would be surprised if anyone else experienced this.


  • Severe skin burn – increased in severity over time as expected
  • Fatigue
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